Banned To Export From USA

8 Banned To Export From USA – Live Or Dead Animals

8 Banned To Export From USA: Banned live or dead Animals, Reptiles, and Horticultural & Agricultural Items from the USA.

Even when part of a standard product is restricted, live animals or dead animals and their parts may require the submission of an export declaration to other countries.

You must present the additional permissions documents to export the Genus and Species and also check out the successful American Export Companies in 2022.

Banned To Export From USA

1. Bird Feathers 

Bird Feathers

2. Insects


3. Caviar from Beluga or Sturgeon


4. Marine Life: Corals Shells, Starfish, Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars

5. Reptiles Skins: Crocodile, Alligator, Snake, Lizard 

Reptiles Skins

6. Fish Skin, Shark Teeth, Shark Cartilage Supplements

Fish Skin

7. Fur, Skin, Hair, Antlers, Bones, Claws, and Teeth


8. Pearl items found on Watches, Guitars, and Jewelry


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