Russia-Ukraine War Opened Gates For Indian Exports

Indian Exports Grows 2022 – Russia Ukraine War Opened Gates – Amazing

The Russia and Ukraine war and subsequent imposition of several sanctions on Russia by different countries.

Indian Exports

War has opened gates for export opportunities for many Indian products, as the demand for Indian exports goods has increased in Russia.

Before, Russia was importing many FMCG and consumable products from the USA, UK, and many European countries.

Importing has now stopped because of the sanctions on Russia.

This situation is best called a blessing in disguise for Indian manufacturers and traders to fill the void with Indian goods.

Many trade organizations in Russia have reached out to the Confederation of All India Traders.

Asking its assistance to link the Russian demand with Indian manufacturers, traders, and merchant exporters for Indian exports goods.

Realizing the best opportunity, the Indian merchants have shown great interest in exporting goods to Russia.

CAIT National President B C Bhartia and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal jointly said that the demand for Indian exports
products have increased very fast in Russia.

Russia-Ukraine War Opened Gates For Indian Exports

Products To Export

In the first phase following products are required on a priority basis in different packings:

Fruit jams and jelly, cornflakes, muesli, porridge, oat flakes, different types of tea, coffee powder, premixes tea and coffee, sugar, salt, pepper sachets, and blisters.

Also, milk powder, fruit, vegetable, instant mix pancake, cheese, pasta, fusilli and macaroni, butter, sour cream, and fruit drinks.

In addition, fermented curd, soup, spices, honey, biscuit, pickles, frozen snacks, food grains, ketchup, etc.,

Essential export items from India to Russia are pharmaceuticals, telecom instruments, iron and steel, tea, and chemicals.

While imports include petroleum, pearl, semi-precious stones, coal, fertilizers, general oil, and vegetable oils.


CAIT has therefore asked its chapters in all the states of the India to work on the first list received from Russia.

So that more and more Indian manufacturers, businesses, and traders can take the best advantage of this opportunity and export their products or goods to Russia in substantial quantities.

They further added that CAIT has also informed its contacts in Russia to explore the possibilities of other products in India.

Products like footwear, toys, readymade garments, and clothes.

Other products like food grains, builder hardware, paper and stationery, computer and computer accessories.

Glasses, bicycles & bicycle parts, and auto parts may also have substantial demand in Russia.

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