10 Amazing Products To Export from Angola to the World

Explore Angola’s vibrant exports, from precious diamonds to rich coffee, and see how this dynamic country is making waves in global trade.


Angola, a country with vast natural resources and a rich cultural tapestry, is carving a niche for itself on the global economic stage.

After decades of focusing primarily on oil, Angola is diversifying its export portfolio, tapping into its other abundant resources to fuel economic growth and reduce dependency on oil revenues.

This blog post highlights the top products Angola exports worldwide, showcasing the country’s burgeoning economic potential and its role in international trade.


Why Export from Angola?

  • Economic Benefits: Exporting offers Angola a pathway to bolster its economy, create jobs, and foster sustainable development. By diversifying its exports, Angola can stabilize its economy against oil price fluctuations and pave the way for a more resilient economic future.
  • Unique Offerings: Angola’s unique geographical and climatic conditions make it ideal for various agricultural products, while its mineral wealth extends beyond oil to diamonds and other valuable resources. These factors, combined with a push towards developing its manufacturing sector, position Angola to offer a wide range of competitive products on the global market.

Top Products to Export from Angola 

Crude Oil

Angola’s primary export, oil, remains a significant player in the global energy market. The country is one of Africa’s leading oil producers.


Angola is famed for its diamond mines, exporting high-quality gems in demand worldwide.


Once a leading coffee producer, Angola is revitalizing its coffee industry, exporting robusta and arabica beans prized for their unique flavours.

Fish and Fish Products

Angola’s extensive coastline is a boon for its fishing industry, with products like sardines, mackerel, and lobsters being exported.


Angola produces sisal for export, a durable fibre used in ropes, mats, and various industrial applications.


With its agricultural sector rising, Angola exports cotton, tapping into the global textile market.

Iron Ore

Angola’s mineral riches include iron ore, which is exported to various countries for steel production.


The country’s vast forests provide timber for export, used in construction and furniture making.

Fruits and Vegetables

Angola’s fertile land supports the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables, including bananas, pineapples, and sweet potatoes, destined for international markets.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

Angola is diversifying its energy exports, with LNG becoming an increasingly important product for the global energy market.


Challenges in Exporting

Despite its potential, Angola faces challenges in maximizing its export capabilities, including infrastructure deficits, regulatory hurdles, and the need for diversification beyond oil.

Addressing these challenges requires strategic investments in infrastructure, regulatory reforms, and fostering an environment conducive to business and trade.


How to Start Exporting

For Angolan businesses looking to export, key steps include:

  • Identifying potential markets and demand for their products.
  • Complying with international standards and certifications.
  • Leveraging government and international trade programs designed to support exporters.


Angola’s journey towards economic diversification and global trade integration is poised to redefine its role on the world stage.

By capitalizing on its natural resources and cultivating a diverse export portfolio, Angola can achieve sustainable economic growth and forge new international partnerships.

The future looks bright for Angolan exports, offering a world of growth and development opportunities.


Additional Resources

Angolan businesses can tap into a wealth of resources offered by governmental and international organizations to navigate the complexities of exporting.

These resources provide valuable insights, support, and tools to help businesses succeed in the global marketplace.

With a strategic approach to overcoming challenges and leveraging its vast resources, Angola is on a path to becoming a key player in global trade.

This demonstrates the power of diversity and innovation in driving economic success.

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