about thousif exim


THOUSIF EXIM is a leading import and export company that helps businesses expand their reach and grow their international operations. 

We provide updates on the export-import industry and share insights on business development. 

Our focus is on delivering high-quality products and services, and we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in today’s global market. 

If you want to import goods from overseas or export your products to new markets, THOUSIF EXIM has the expertise and resources to support you at every step. 

Partner with us and take your business beyond borders.

We produce the content using field-researched experts, and multiple sources are used with special verification techniques to verify the content.

Our stories are created with the latest innovative story-telling formats like virtual reality, social media, time-lapse, animation and infographics, and more.

THOUSIF EXIM is a subsidiary of THOUSIF Incorporated

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