Turkey Denies Easing Export Ban to Israel Amid Tensions

Turkey Denies Easing Export Ban to Israel Amid Tensions

Turkey denies easing its export ban on Israel, emphasizing it remains firm until a permanent Gaza ceasefire and secure humanitarian aid flow are achieved.



Ankara: Recent claims that Turkey has eased its trade ban with Israel are “absolutely fictional and have nothing to do with reality,” Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat emphasized on Thursday during a ceremony in Istanbul. 

Contrary to allegations, the Turkish government is firm on its ban due to the “worsening humanitarian tragedy” in the Palestinian territories.

Israel’s Foreign Minister’s claims of a softened stance by President Tayyip Erdogan were swiftly countered by Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat. 

Bolat reiterated that the ban would only be lifted once a permanent ceasefire in Gaza is established and humanitarian aid flows securely to the region.


While the ban remains in place, Turkey’s trade ministry has introduced a three-month reprieve for businesses with pre-existing export contracts to Israel. 

This allows them to fulfill those orders via third countries, ensuring they aren’t financially penalized. 

The ministry’s aim is to protect Turkish traders while maintaining the ban on exports.

The Turkish presidency’s communications directorate also denounced the rumors as “manipulative,” intending to “sway international public opinion.”

 Speaking to Turkish businesspeople last week, Erdogan reassured them that Ankara would handle the trading halt in “coordination and dialogue” with the country’s business world.

Despite diplomatic challenges, Turkey and Israel maintained a trade volume of $6.8 billion in 2023. 

However, as Turkey remains resolute in its trade policies, international attention is drawn to how businesses navigate these complexities.


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