Bangladesh Bank's Forex Reserves Dip Below $22 Billion Amid ACU Payment

Bangladesh Bank’s Forex Reserves Dip Below $22 Billion Amid ACU Payment

As Bangladesh faces a downturn in forex reserves post-ACU payment, the nation rallies to stabilize the economy, fostering strategies for recovery and growth amid turbulent times.

Dhaka: The foreign exchange (forex) reserves of Bangladesh Bank (BB) have reportedly dipped below the crucial mark of $22 billion. 

This significant drop comes from a sizable payment to the Asian Clearing Union (ACU), amounting to $1.31 billion, primarily for settling import bills. 

As per the latest figures, the forex reserves now stand at a worrying $21.5 billion, highlighting the escalating economic pressures the country is currently grappling with.

Payment to Asian Clearing Union

On Sunday, BB made a substantial payment to the ACU to settle import bills, which led to a notable decrease in the reserves. 

The ACU, an entity facilitating payment arrangements amongst several Asian countries, including Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka, necessitated this large payout.

Ongoing Challenges Since the Pandemic

The forex reserves have been on a downward trajectory since the relaxation of COVID-19-related restrictions, which substantially boosted the demand for imports.

Despite BB’s strenuous efforts to curb unnecessary imports by tightening the reins on US dollar spending, the forex crisis has deepened, fueled in part by a decline in inward remittances and a delay in the repatriation of export proceeds.

The current reserve status is alarmingly short of the targeted $25 billion for September, a benchmark set as a condition in a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Volatile Reserve Figures

BB Executive Director and spokesperson, while speaking to UNB, conveyed that it is not unusual for the reserves to fluctuate, as they are continually influenced by various factors such as remittances, export earnings, and foreign grants.

However, the fact remains that the actual forex reserves have plunged below the anticipated $22 billion threshold after the recent ACU payment.

In a broader perspective, the gross forex reserves, as calculated by BB, were previously standing at an impressive $27.61 billion.

However, according to the universally accepted formula for reserve count, the stark reality is a depleted reserve of $21.50 billion as of Sunday.

Looking Ahead

As Bangladesh grapples with the economic repercussions of this downturn in forex reserves, it becomes imperative for the central bank and other governmental agencies to devise strategies to bolster the nation’s economic standing and foster stability.

BB continues to monitor the situation closely, staying vigilant to the economic trends and undertaking necessary measures to ensure the country’s financial framework’s robustness. 

It remains hopeful that with continued efforts and strategic economic planning, Bangladesh will overcome this temporary setback and steer towards economic recovery and growth.


In conclusion, it is a critical juncture for Bangladesh as the nation navigates through economic challenges with an earnest endeavor to stabilize its forex reserves while fostering economic growth and stability. 

The forthcoming days will be pivotal in determining the nation’s economic trajectory amidst a scenario of fluctuating forex reserves.

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